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Exploring the Diverse World of Indian Chicken Breeds

India, with its rich agricultural heritage, is home to a variety of chicken breeds that differ in size, color, and purpose. From the majestic Aseel known for its fighting prowess to the productive Kadaknath valued for its medicinal properties, Indian chicken breeds are as diverse as the country's culture and cuisine. In this blog, we will explore some of the most popular and unique chicken breeds found in India, providing insights into their characteristics and uses.

Aseel chicken breed India
Aseel chicken breed


The Aseel is one of the oldest known breeds of chicken, originating from India. It is particularly famous for its strength, vitality, and fighting abilities. The Aseel has a compact body with strong, well-muscled thighs, and a short beak. This breed is known for its unique ability to stand its ground and fight till the end, making it a popular choice for cockfighting in certain regions. However, it is also kept for its aesthetic appeal and as a status symbol.

Kadaknath chicken breed India
Kadaknath chicken breed - Pic credits Anil sharma


The Kadaknath is a unique breed of chicken that hails from the Dhar and Jhabua districts of Madhya Pradesh. This breed is entirely black, including its feathers, skin, and internal organs. The Kadaknath is highly prized for its meat, which is believed to have medicinal properties and is rich in protein. It is also known to be more disease-resistant than other breeds.

Giriraja Chicken Breed


Developed by the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, the Giriraja is a crossbreed designed to be well-suited to the Indian climate. It is a large bird, known for its high meat and egg production. The Giriraja is also known for its ability to forage and survive in free-range conditions, making it a popular choice for rural farmers.

Vanaraja Chicken Breed


The Vanaraja is another Indian breed developed to support rural poultry farming. This breed is known for its dual-purpose characteristics, providing both meat and eggs. The Vanaraja is hardy and well-suited to free-range conditions, making it a resilient choice for farmers in varying climates.

Chittagong Chicken Breed India
Chittagong Chicken


Originating from the Chittagong district in Bangladesh, this breed is also found in various parts of India. The Chittagong chicken is known for its large size and high meat production. It has a deep, broad body, and a single comb. This breed is particularly popular in West Bengal and the northeastern states of India.

Broiler Chicken


While we have delved into various indigenous and specialized chicken breeds of India, it’s important to also mention Broiler Chickens, a category that plays a pivotal role in the country's poultry industry. Broilers are chickens specifically bred and raised for meat production, and they are known for their rapid growth and efficient feed conversion. In India, broiler farming has become a major agricultural practice, contributing significantly to meat production and the economy. These chickens usually have a short rearing period of about 6 to 7 weeks, and they are known for their tender meat. While they may not have the unique characteristics of the breeds mentioned earlier, broiler chickens are an essential component of India's poultry scene, ensuring a steady supply of chicken meat to meet the growing demands of the population.


India's diverse climate and agricultural practices have given rise to a wide variety of chicken breeds, each with unique characteristics and uses. Whether you are interested in poultry farming, seeking breeds with medicinal properties, or simply fascinated by the diversity of Indian chicken breeds, there is certainly no shortage of interesting and valuable options to explore.

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