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Prawns pickle is a delightful blend of juicy and tender prawns, infused with a mix of aromatic spices and oil. This lip-smacking pickle is a perfect accompaniment to any meal and can add an extra punch of flavor to snacks. The pickling process enhances the taste and texture of the prawns and chicken, resulting in a delicious and savory condiment. With its unique and bold flavors, Andhra prawns pickle (Prawns achar) is a must-try for seafood and meat lovers alike.


  • Exquisite Prawn Pickle: Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Rayalam Non Veg Pickles' Prawn Pickle. Made with succulent prawns and a blend of aromatic spices, this pickle offers a tantalizing combination of spiciness and tanginess.
  • Rich and Flavorful: Each packet of Prawn Pickle is packed with the authentic taste of coastal cuisine. The prawns are carefully marinated in a special spice mix, allowing them to absorb the flavors and create a delightful experience for your taste buds.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Rayalam Non Veg Pickles uses only the finest quality prawns and hand-picked spices to create this delicious pickle. The prawns are sourced fresh, ensuring their tender texture and natural sweetness shine through.
  • Prawn pickles made from juicy, succulent prawns marinated in a flavorful blend of spices and seasonings.
  • Versatile usage: perfect as a quick snack, a flavorful topping for salads, sandwiches, or wraps, or as a gourmet ingredient in various recipes.
  • Convenient packaging allows for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for picnics, parties, or on-the-go snacking.
  • Offers a unique twist to traditional pickles by incorporating prawns, providing a savory and protein-rich snacking option.
  • Produced and packaged under strict quality control measures to ensure freshness and optimal flavor.
  • Available for purchase on Amazon, providing a hassle-free online shopping experience and reliable delivery right to your doorstep.
  • The tangy and zesty flavor profile complements a wide range of culinary preferences.

Andhra Prawns Pickle | Prawns Achar | Medium Size

SKU: 364215375135191
500 Grams
  • Experience the irresistible flavors of coastal cuisine with Rayalam Non Veg Pickles' Prawn Pickle. Made with premium quality prawns and a blend of aromatic spices, this pickle is a true delight for seafood lovers. Each packet is packed with the authentic taste and texture of succulent prawns that have been marinated in a special spice mix, resulting in a rich and flavorful pickle that perfectly balances spiciness and tanginess. Rayalam Non Veg Pickles takes pride in handcrafting their pickles in small batches, following traditional recipes and techniques. The Prawn Pickle showcases their expertise and attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality product that captures the essence of coastal delicacies. Whether you're enjoying it with rice, roti, dosa, or as a side with biryani, this versatile pickle adds a burst of flavor to any dish, enhancing your culinary experience.The carefully sealed packets of Prawn Pickle guarantee a long shelf life, allowing you to savor its deliciousness over an extended period. Whether you're looking for a special gift for seafood enthusiasts or simply want to indulge yourself, this Prawn Pickle is an excellent choice. Its authentic taste, premium packaging, and ability to elevate any meal make it a perfect present for any occasion. Treat yourself to the exquisite flavors of coastal cuisine with Rayalam Non Veg Pickles' Prawn Pickle.

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